The Changing Game of SEO

SEO has been helping people to learn how to gear their content to maximize the chances that it shows up in people’s searches. And while this is great, people wonder if it will be used differently, and better in the future.

Everything technology wise gets updated over time. That is no exception in the search engine world. As technologies develop further to rank popularity of websites based on content, the SEO world will become a product of this technology. There might be ways rank sites based on the likelihood of a variety of keywords appearing together in an article using synonyms as well. In the world of AI, these are possibilities since humans make smarter AI over time.

Also, since the market is becoming more competitive and more and more businesses want to advertise on the Internet, there will be a demand for SEO marketing that is interesting. People are not going to tolerate seeing catch phrases repeated over and over in the article. They will look more carefully on what html they click in the first place. Users will become savvy to the mindless drivel that is SEO currently. They will demand that they get something out of the exchange, and won’t bother with the result that comes at the top of Google if it looks not helpful.

Speed is everything, and in a report, Hitwise estimated that 58% of all searching was done via mobile. That means that users will be upgrading their data services on their phones to be able to download the material that they want to read. So there will be a greater emphasis on making content that is more phone friendly and not just for at home Internet browsing.

While SEO is a standard practice now, the standards for content and web creators will change as the market continues to progress and evolve.

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