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You Are What You Eat

Much is said, but also poorly understood when it comes to discussion of diet. Various government entities and offices tell us that we should feed ourselves according to tables and diagrams, but when we sit down at the table, a lot of that information becomes secondary to a simple fact. We are hungry, and we are hungry RIGHT NOW. What is quick, what is easy, what is filling, and, what…

Usage of Telemetry System

Telemetry System

Telemetry can simply be defined as the automated collection and transmission of data. Telemetry systems are automated communication systems that are designed to give real-time information. It involves acquiring data remotely and transmitting it electronically for monitoring. Mostly, the data is transferred through wireless systems such as infrared, ultrasonic or radio. However, it can also be transmitted via the wired technology such as the computer networks, telephones, and power line…

Importance of Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy

Detecting a speech-related-problem at earlier stages and seeking remedy is highly important for effective communication. However, most times, due to lack of knowledge these problems go undetected leading to speech complications. Fortunately there is a way out. If you are experiencing speech-problems and you have a feeling that you are locked away from the world, speech-therapy could be the solution to your problems. Like other medical techniques, speech therapy sessions entails…

Tips to Select Professional Wedding Live Band

Weddings Live Band

There are many benefits of choosing a live wedding band for any celebration or event. As well as being having great skills to encourage people, such bands are talented and have a great motivation to your audience to take onto their feet and dance. They also create a good atmosphere and best suits the large events for example a wedding party/celebration which have great audience. The following are the various…

How Wealth Management Benefit for Business

Wealth Management

In the business world, people are never the same. We have the high net- worth individuals and the low-net-worth individuals. Most of us think that the high net-worth individuals don’t have problems and live a luxurious life. That is wrong. The fact that they have amassed a lot of wealth does not mean that they are set to live a good life. It is good to know that when you…

Advanced Diploma Courses – Preparing You For A Stronger And More Secure Future

Skillsfuture Diploma

Are you interested in exploring varied skills and improving your expertise for your professional betterment? If yes, then you should just go ahead with advanced diploma courses. These courses can offer you exceptional job opportunities. Upon completion, you become qualified for high-paying jobs in sectors such as banking, government, healthcare and much more. These adult diploma courses can be advantageous for those who are not willing to take up a…

About Jessica

Jessica is an administrative assistant at Second Cup Coffee's head office. She loves her job and especially enjoys drinking coffee. She loves pulling office pranks, and all the staff there know her for her great sense of humor. Just watch out for her at the start of April! Jessica lives with her partner and their 7 cats. Her old Tabby cat Grace had a small litter and she could not bear to part with any of them. It's a good thing the couple live on a farm, otherwise the living quarters would get very claustrophobic. Her partner attends to the farm duties and has a small shop where they sell their goods- Dan's Peaches and Pies. Dan also has a great sense of humor and loves to dress their cats up in costumes for homemade calendars that they also sell at the shop. Jessica enjoys baking, and her and her husband often compete for the best requested customer pies title. In her spare time, she likes to watch comedies and pursue her local library for interesting new books. And of course, she can always be found online ordering more cat costumes to surprise her husband and cats with. She says that when she and her husband take walks, her cats sometimes follow behind them in a line.