5 Tips Why You Need Google Analytics For Your Business

In this era, everything is becoming digital. It has made things easier since it is faster as compared to the traditional methods. Technology has also enhanced the growth our industries. Companies can create their website .Most people like designers, marketers, and developers depend on Google Analytics for insights that assist them to boost the performance of their website. However, navigating the ins and outs of the Analytics can be quite challenging especially if you are not familiar with it. For you to get started with Google Analytics, you require having a detailed analytic guide. Here are five tips on working with Google Analytics.

  • Funnel Conversion Rate

Let’s assume that the goal of your website conversion is to see people sign up for membership. Conversion funnels allow you to see the rate at which visitors move from different pages to the membership page. Then you will be able to estimate the percentage of those visitors. The conversion rate measures the overall success of your website. And is usually the most valuable key performance indicator that you can track.

  • Check Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is the percentage of users who check into one page of your site and then leave the page without checking further into your site. A high bouncing rate can cause a lot of problems especially if the pages serve as a gateway to other parts of your site such as product and service pages. Knowing the bounce rate can enable you to know whether the pages have high conversion or not. If it has low conversion rate, it is an excellent idea that you rethink the design. Ensure that your navigation is clear.

  • Check the Social Reports

The most important things when looking at analytic is the content that visitors spend time viewing. Google Analytics enables you to see the pages on your website that is getting more views. For instance, if you are a designer and most of the time you do articles and post on entertaining or recipe. By looking at the report, your might realize that the recipe related posts are getting more views more than others. And so, you will be able to know that the information suggests that you create more contents on the recipe.

  • Goals

First, you should know what you want your users to do when they get into your website. If you have your site, then your biggest desire will be to see users take some action. When you have a business, your major goal regarding analytics is to see customers go through the checkout process and make an order. You can create a goal at different times such as when people fill out a form on your site, sign up for a mailing list or even get to a particular page on your site.

  • Get reports on who is on your site

If you decide to send a launch post or a fun post to social media, then you can be able to see the reaction of the users in real time. Real time is usually located on the left hand on the navigation bar. It helps you to see the number of users who are on currently on your website, the pages they are viewing and the traffic sources that referred them.

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